Technology is the New Smoking, Smartphones Can Affect Your Brain, Phone Creates Health Problems, Smartphone Use Can Lead to Mental Health Problems, Mindfulness is Technology’s Healing Balm

Technology is the New Smoking

In our near future technology may be considered the same type of addiction as smoking. Our brains are getting addicted to our technology. Our levels […]

The Gifts of Summer, Saying Good Bye to Summer, Immerse Yourself in Summer, Savor the Foods of Summer, Enjoy the Tastes of Summer

Savor the Last of Summer

Immerse Your SELF Into August It’s August! August is our last month to enjoy the gifts of summer. Find a place to immerse your body […]

Tending is Mindful Living, Tending to Your Life, Technology is Vending Not Tending, We are Committing Selficide, Technology is a Transactional Life

Are You Vending or Tending Your Life Away?

This is not another article railing against technology. I love technology and actually have two online companies that are invested in technology. My iPhone and […]

are we getting dumber

Why Are Our IQ Test Scores Falling?

It seems with the advent of technology, science, and education we should be getting smarter. But emerging research is telling us that we are getting […]

evening news,

Watching News Makes You Sick

Have you stopped watching the evening news? A great number of people in America have decided not to watch the news anymore due to news […]