Incorporate Eco Therapy Into Your Summer

Your children have spent this past year in school, developing their left-brain (logic and mathematics). Spend time this summer helping develop their right-brain, and let their creativity blossom just like the flowers around us. Being outside will give your family a better connection to nature and teach them invaluable lessons about…

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Get Outdoors and Enjoy Ecotherapy

Getting out in the great outdoors can have tremendous effects on your health. This summer why not enjoy ecotherapy in order to improve the health of your entire family. Ecotherapy is about getting outdoors and becoming active in a natural environment as a way of boosting mental and physical health.…

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Stress-Less Through Walking

We can all do with a walk every now and then, but taking a Mindful approach to your exercise routine can turn your nature walk into eco-therapy. Nature walks have been used to treat an array of medical conditions like hypertension, headaches, stress, depression, diabetes, and digestive disorders. Walking releases…

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Adventure Therapy: Find Healing in the Wild

If you are feeling stressed or otherwise struggling with your mental health, enjoying the great outdoors for a little eco-therapy can make all the difference. If you find you need something more challenging, consider wilderness therapy programs. You will be able to heal while adventuring in the great outdoors. Spending…

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The Effect of Flowers on Human Beings

Why are flowers important? What is the effect of flowers on us? They reduce stress and depression! Having flowers for your home or having flowers at work can give you energy and boost your enthusiasm. So, in all, they help promote better mental and physical health. The Effect of Flowers…

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Gardening Reduces Stress Naturally

Gardening is a physical activity that has numerous health benefits. One such benefit is stress relief, which is great as April is coming and it is known to be  Stress Awareness Month. So, if you are in the need of Eco-therapy (also known as horticultural therapy) this spring, put on your gardening gloves…

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8 Ways to Get into that “Spring Mood”

Today marks the first day of spring. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be putting away our coats and sweaters and grabbing our sandals and shades. Not feeling in the “spring mood?” We can fix that! Celebrate spring and start the season off right with the eight tips listed…

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