Get Outdoors and Enjoy Ecotherapy

Getting out in the great outdoors can have tremendous effects on your health. This summer why not enjoy ecotherapy in order to improve the health […]

Incorporate Eco Therapy Into Your Summer

Your children have spent this past year in school, developing their left-brain (logic and mathematics). Spend time this summer helping develop their right-brain, and let […]

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The Rise of Nature Deficit Disorder

Mother Nature is Calling You Electronic gadgets, from smartphones to tablets, have become great distractions for most Americans. These gadgets keep us connected to the […]

Stress-Less Through Walking

We can all do with a walk every now and then, but taking a Mindful approach to your exercise routine can turn your nature walk […]

Gardening Reduces Stress Naturally

Gardening Is Great Medicine Gardening is a physical activity that has numerous health benefits. One such benefit is stress relief, so if you are in […]

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The Effect of Flowers on Human Beings

Why are flowers important? What is the effect of flowers on us? They reduce stress and depression! Having flowers for your home or having flowers […]

Find Healing in the Wild

Ecotherapy Can Save Your Mental and Physical Health If you are feeling stressed or otherwise struggling with your mental health, enjoying the great outdoors for […]

It’s Spring Do Something New!

Do Something New Now! You may be working out at the gym, walking, doing yoga, meditating, or viewing self-help videos to manage your stress and […]