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Survival Tips for Post Election Stress Disorder

Election Stress Makes Us Sick The drama during these midterm elections has been overwhelming for most of us. It has been difficult and unhealthy mentally and physically to digest the partisan anger, vitriol, and divisiveness. This election stress can literally make us sick. Stress is the driver of all diseases.…

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Making Election Day a Holiday

Let’s Make it Official! We Need an Election Day Holiday!

It’s Tuesday and today millions of Americans are facing long commutes, packed work schedules, impromptu meetings, and more. This leaves little time for voting. This constitutional right is too important for Americans to put on the back burner because they’re too busy. That’s why so many Americans want to make…

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election stress

Got Election Stress?

Has this year’s election got you stressed? Hang in there! We have three Mindful tips to help you relieve stress as the 2016 American presidential election comes to a close. This year’s presidential election has been filled with impressive highs, disappointing lows, and an overabundance of drama. As mindful citizens,…

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