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Growing Strawberries Organically!

Strawberries are easy to grow in containers providing a few simple growing steps are followed. In this article, I’ll provide some basic tips for growing […]

Container Gardening is a Cinch

Flower and plant containers can dress up the look of your house. They add curb appeal and can even be used to grow herbs, edible […]

Why Are Rain Gardens Important?

With all the rain and flooding we have been receiving in our area of late, it may be a good idea to consider building a […]

Gardening on the Go- Mobile Gardens

Most mobile gardens allow you to reposition your well-crafted greenery around your garden or home. Planted wheelbarrows and repurposed shopping carts are just a few […]

Pollen Prevention Tips, Mindful Gardening

5 Pollen Tips for Gardeners

Being an avid gardener who is allergic to pollen can put a major damper on your outdoor activities this spring, but it doesn’t have to […]

3 Handy Gardening Tips, Mindful Gardening

3 Handy Gardening Tips

Whether you are a gardening novice or expert, every green thumb needs a few handy gardening tips up their sleeves for maintaining the perfect garden.Supplies […]

Welcome Garden Critters!

While there are many pests that are not welcomed in our gardens, there are some that are not only safe to have around, but beneficial […]

Rooftop Garden, Mindful Gardening

Start Your Own Rooftop Garden

Having an outdoor space in the city purifies the air and helps you connect with nature; however, yards aren’t always available. Fortunately, a rooftop garden […]