Girl Scouts Who’ve Made History

March is a special month for the Girl Scouts. Not only is it Women’s History Month, it also marks the founding of their organization by Juliette Gordon Low in March 1912. As we celebrate women’s history month, let’s take a moment to recognize the Girl Scouts who have made history…

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Girl Scouts: Transforming Lives Around the World

This year, 2012, is Year of the Girl, year-long celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA). Their years of hard work haven’t only benefited millions of girls around the world, they’re also teaching younger generations to help the environment. In 1911, Juliette Gordon Low…

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Girl Scouts: Badges in Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is something that most adults struggle with, not to mention children. According to TIME, when a number of Americans kids were tested on basic finance knowledge, the average was 48 percent- a failing grade. Luckily, there are agencies that are encouraging financial awareness in the next generation and…

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