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How to be an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

Are you looking for ways to make your home and lifestyle more eco-friendly for you and your pets? Eco-friendly products for pets are on the […]

Eco Friendly Summer Camps for Kids

Getting our children involved in eco friendly summer camps can protect the future of our planet. Fortunately, kids can learn about sustainability by attending educational […]

It’s Time to Save Our Oceans

Let’s roll up our sleeves and save our oceans. Today is World Oceans Day. Our oceans are essential for all life. It’s our job to […]

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

The two-week countdown to Earth Day, April 22, 2018, has already begun. This year’s theme is “End Plastic Pollution.” Bottle caps, Ziploc bags, and other […]

Are You Eating a Sustainable Diet?

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3 Green New Year’s Resolutions

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Eco-Friendly Holiday Decorations

This is the season of kindness, generosity, and giving. When we plan for the holidays we should be compassionate with our planet as well as […]

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Eco DIY Crafts for the Holidays

With the change in weather and seasons, we can all anticipate long evenings spent in our cozy homes with family and friends. If you’re looking […]

Are You Eco-Friendly?

With the current state of climate change, Mother Earth needs all the help she can get. A recent study shows that most Americans consider themselves […]