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I Can Recycle What?!?!

If we all take the time to recycle it could save the planet and sustain the community for future generations. The US Environmental Protection Agency […]

Eco-Friendly Holiday Decorations

This is the season of kindness, generosity, and giving. When we plan for the holidays we should be compassionate with our planet as well as […]

Easy Mindful Green Living Tips

Our environment has been home to millions of life forms for millions of years. But in the recent millennia, this ecosystem has become under stress […]

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Eco DIY Crafts for the Holidays

With the change in weather and seasons, we can all anticipate long evenings spent in our cozy homes with family and friends. If you’re looking […]

Make Your Home a Zero Waste Zone

Before you throw something away do you consider whether or not it can be recycled or composted? If not, you could be a part of […]

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What’s the Modern Homestead Movement?

With such a busy lifestyle, more Americans have started returning to a simpler life practices. Modern homesteading has taken over in cities and rural areas, […]


How Green are You?

Taking small eco-friendly help save the planet, but looking at the bigger picture can save you money. According to Harris Interactive, more Americans are finding […]