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4 Ways to Recycle Your Pumpkins

Halloween is officially over. Not sure what to do with your Jack-o’-lanterns or pumpkin decorations? Recycle them! Check out these pumpkin recycling tips. The History of Pumpkin Decorations From centerpieces to candlestick holders, fresh pumpkins make great decorations. One of the most common ones, Jack-o’-lanterns, have decorated homes around Halloween for centuries. The…

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Organize a Halloween Block Party

Are you in the mood for spreading some ghostly glee? Consider throwing a neighborhood Halloween party. Before you start planning your spook-fest you should take some Mindful steps. For a Halloween block party to be successful you’ll need the support of the community. See if the neighbors would like to…

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Halloween on a Budget

Celebrating Halloween can be a large expense. According to the National Retail Federation, the average American spends $87.00 on Halloween staples like costumes, candy, décor, and other necessities. For the average family of four, Halloween expenses could total over $300. To save money, check out these Halloween budget tips! Halloween…

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Eco Halloween Decor

Are you doing some last minute shopping for your Halloween party? Need some decoration tips? Here’s an idea to go green and have a creepy Eco Halloween decor! Halloween is big business for the retail industry. This year, Americans will spend $2.7 billion on decorations, $2.7 billion on candy, and…

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Spooky Halloween Crafts You’ll Love

Halloween is here. Millions of people will be planning spooky gatherings in their home. Having the right décor, food and costume is only the beginning. You’ll need the right party favors too. Fortunately, these Halloween crafts will come in handy. Halloween Arts and Crafts Listed below are six ideas from…

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5 Celebration Tips for True Halloween Lovers

Are you a true Halloween lover? Do you look forward to this time of year–the spooky parties, haunted houses, fun costumes, and trick-or-treating? If so, why not kick it up a notch this year? Create a Halloween bucket list filled with new fun Halloween activities. We’ve got five fun Halloween ideas that…

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Play is Brain Candy

Halloween is the PLAY holiday. Play is the “brain candy” that dissolves stress. Play is hardwired into our genes. The benefits of play and laughter in overcoming and preventing stress are numerous. Laughter is Internal Jogging Laughter is “internal jogging” and studies show laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones,…

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