Love Gives You New Life

Sharing your stresses and concerns with others helps the mind and body relax and renew.  Research tells us there is a positive relationship between having […]

Five Senses of Love

Cultivate Your Love Every Day of Your Life Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the season of love is finished. Love […]

A History of Valentine’s Day

Are you in the mood for love? Well, you aren’t the only one. Valentine’s Day has been around for centuries and today it’s celebrated in […]

A Healthy Dose of Self Love

It’s well known that a healthy dose of self love can have a positive impact on your life. Studies show that sharing love with others can also […]

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Love is Good for Your Health

It’s well known that a healthy dose of self-love can have a positive impact on your life, but that’s not all. Studies show that sharing […]

Things We Love About February

February Has Lots to Offer There’s a lot to love about February. We don’t always appreciate this month because it can be cold and dreary. […]

Love is a Decision

February is the month of love. We are bombarded with concepts of love on television, in videos and on social media. Dictionaries offer definitions of […]