Meditation To Find Inner Peace

Enjoy this video focusing on meditation for inner peace. This simple, 10 minute practice is a basic meditation that will create the foundation for transformational […]

Meditating With Icons

Iconography is the visual images and symbols used in a work of art. Icons are used as a spiritual practice for meditation and prayer. Many […]

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Meditation is Medicine?

Emerging scientific meditation research shows that there are many health benefits of meditation (also known as relaxation response). In fact, it has proven benefits in […]

Create Your Own Altar

We live in a very busy world that sometimes feels devoid of meaning or a sense of the sacred spirituality. Altars help you remember what is […]

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Too Anxious to Meditate?

Celebrate National Meditation Month It’s National Meditation Month. Many of us believe we are too anxious to learn to meditate. It is as simple as […]

Do a Quick Mini Meditation

It’s Healthy to Unplug It is mentally and physically healthy to unplug throughout your day. Research shows even a few minutes of a renewal ritual […]