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Memorial Day Cookouts

Traveling during Memorial Day can get chaotic. Sometimes the best and most Mindful approach to a long weekend is a Memorial Day staycation. So, consider planning a Memorial Day cookout for your friends and family. You’ll save yourself from awful headaches and high travel costs. During the Memorial Day holiday…

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Traveling this Memorial Day?

Americans all over the country are looking forward to Memorial weekend. It’s a holiday that unofficially kicks off summer and it’s a great time to enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends. Check out these mindful memorial weekend ideas. The American Automobile Association (AAA) has prepared a travel forecast for Memorial Day…

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Memorial Day Weekend Travel Tips

The stress of holiday traveling can put a person over the top and with Memorial Day weekend being the first major holiday of the summer season it can be a particularly stressful time. Here are a few mindful Memorial Day weekend travel tips. Millions of people are packing a bag…

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