Poolside Party Ideas!

Nothing says summer more than relaxing evenings with friends and family by the pool. So this summer why not throw a mindful poolside party for your loved ones? It’s a fun and mindful way to relieve stress. Swimming is not only fun it also has numerous health benefits. It improves…

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Indoor Cat Garden, Mindful Gardening

Build Your Own Indoor Cat Garden

If you’ve ever had a house cat stare longingly out of a window, you’ve probably thought about letting them go outside. The fresh air, sunshine, and foliage would surely be good for them, but logistically, the idea is a nightmare. How do you protect them from loose dogs or parasites,…

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3 Craft Ideas For Kids Stuck Inside

Whether it’s a snow day or a really bad rainstorm, being stuck inside can be both stressful and boring, especially for young kids. Children today have so many options for indoor entertainment: tablets, gaming consoles, and endless TV/movie streaming options, but eventually even these things become boring. Fortunately, you can…

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