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Practice Reflection Instead of Deflection

What is “our current state of deflection?” Chuck Todd on Sunday’s NBC Meet the Press used this provocative phrase. He said this about the current political realm we are all experiencing. I keep thinking about how profound his words are. There is a current pandemic of deflection in our country. It…

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Create Your Intentions and Goals

It’s not that hard to create your intentions. You just have to plan for it because it unfortunately won’t simply happen on it’s own. The Mindful Living Network’s “family” has been doing this end of year practice for many years. At the end of each year of your life, consciously…

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Retreat, Review, Renew

You are at the end of 2015. Another year of your life is over! Don’t carry the mindless habits that bring you unhappiness, stress, and worry into 2016 instead follow our mindful reflection tips. Here are a few mindful reflection tips to retreat, review and renew in 2016 Retreat. Take at…

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