Are You Eating a Sustainable Diet?

Were your goals this year about fitness or helping the planet? You can reach both goals by adjusting one crucial thing: your diet. According to a new study, if we all follow the national dietary guidelines it would actually help the environment. Maybe it’s time we all partake in a…

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4 Simple Exercise Resolutions

Millions of people have made New Year’s resolutions this year and some of the most common ones are about physical health. In fact, losing weight and staying fit and healthy are two of the top five common resolutions. While making these resolutions are great, keeping them can be difficult—25 percent…

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New Year: Mindful Stress Check-Up

A stress check-up is an important life tool in which you analyze your stress and make improvements. Start your new year by starting a new year checklist and conducting a Mindful Living audit to reflect on your stressful 2016 experiences. This will help you better prepare for the upcoming year. Not sure how to…

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Time is Almost Out!

The year is coming to a close and most of us are already looking forward to the new year. A new year is always more appealing than an old one, but that doesn’t mean we should waste this month by looking forward to the next. Instead of stumbling to the…

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Prepare for a Marathon

Has “complete a marathon” been on your to-do list for years or featured in your New Year’s resolution? There is no better time to prepare for a marathon than the present. When crossing a marathon finish line, you’re filled with an unparalleled sense of satisfaction and joy. Whether you’re completing…

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