4 Tips for Exercise Motivation

Are you already struggling to keep up your exercise routine? Don’t fret! There are Mindful ways for you to stick to your exercise plan and see your summer body come through. 4 Mindful Tips for Exercise Motivation  Curate a Personalized Workout Playlist Do you like to listen to music while…

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Cure the New Year’s Blues

Typically the new year is an exciting time for people. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start—a time for people to channel their energy to mindful pursuits. Unfortunately, not everyone experiences this gleeful feeling. In fact, for some the new year can be a time of sadness and depression. If…

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3 Green New Year’s Resolutions

Not sure what your New Year’s resolution should be? Here’s an idea: go green! It’s easier than you might think and the planet will thank you. New Year’s resolutions are usually about achieving personal goals and bettering yourself. But, if you want your resolution to make a positive difference for…

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Helpful Apps For Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are easily made and easily broken, right? Well, not anymore! With a smartphone or tablet, you can download the right apps to keep up your resolve throughout 2018. According to a report from Reuters, 87 percent of Americans made resolutions in the studied year, but far less…

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Your Wellness Score for the New Year

The year is quickly coming to an end, making this the perfect time to assess your health and wellness status. While we reflect we can also dedicate ourselves to a wellness checkup, to make sure that we start the new year in good health. To achieve wellness we must make…

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5 Mindful New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year, which makes it the perfect time to start living a more mindful life. By making mindful New Year’s resolutions you can connect with your inner self, grow spiritually, and increase your physical fitness. Do you need a few ideas? Check out these Mindful New Year’s resolutions…

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