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    • 4 Outdoor Green Cleaning Tips
      Are you looking for inventive ways to clean around the house and help reduce chemical usage and its toll on our environment? There are a few Mindful tips you should consider. The cleaning products that you have in your home...
    • Women's Heart Health Month, The Way I see It
      Women’s Heart Health Month
      It is Women’s Heart Health Month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. This is about one in every four female deaths. Did you know that stress can lead to “Broken Heart Syndrome?”...
    • compliment day, compliment
      Compliment Day
      A nice compliment can make a person's day. It feels good when you are getting out of the elevator, walking down the street, or going into a restaurant and someone says, “I love your hair," or "That scarf is gorgeous."...
    • world thinking day
      World Thinking Day
      Sisters Unite For World Thinking Day! World Thinking Day is a time for young girls and women all over the world to come together and support one another. The day is led by the Girl Scouts and the Girl Guides....
    • friend, friends
      Make a Friend Day
      Have you heard the saying, “you can never have enough friends in life?”  That is a true statement. Is there someone in your life that you have wanted to know better? Call, email or walk into their office and ask...

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