I have a terrible habit of procrastination and it is affecting my job and my relationship with my girlfriend. My boss and my girlfriend are always gripping and getting frustrated because I do not get things done on time or don’t get them done at all.

Jeffrey, Procrastination is a nasty habit that can really create misery and stress in your life. You can loose your job and relationship because of your habit of procrastination. First make a list of your tasks. Next put each task into a folder or pile. Put the amount of time…

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Tired of Procrastinating?

Why Do We Procrastinate? Feeling Overwhelmed. When we feel overwhelmed with too much work we feel paralyzed and overloaded. When you see a new thing to do you just get flooded. Lack of Relevance. The project doesn’t have any real importance or relevancy to you so you are reluctant to…

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6 Mindful Tips to Help You Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is a passionate pastime for many Americans. And breaking this bad habit can be an exhausting challenge. However, if we take steps to understand why we put things off to the last minute it could keep us from procrastinating like there’s no tomorrow. Feeling overwhelmed with work and overloaded…

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