Eco Friendly Summer Camps for Kids

Getting our children involved in eco friendly summer camps can protect the future of our planet. Fortunately, kids can learn about sustainability by attending educational summer camps. Some organizations have recognized the need for “go green” educational opportunities. Universities, animal protection agencies and environmental organizations have started eco-friendly day and overnight…

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Recycled Garden Decor Ideas

Gardens can be rather spiritual spaces. The thriving plants and little animals not only represent life but new beginnings as well. This sense of rebirth gives them the perfect environment for recycled garden décor. With a few recycling ideas, former waste like plastic bottles and pieces of glass can be “upcycled”…

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4 Ways to Recycle Your Pumpkins

Halloween is officially over. Not sure what to do with your Jack-o’-lanterns or pumpkin decorations? Recycle them! Check out these pumpkin recycling tips. The History of Pumpkin Decorations From centerpieces to candlestick holders, fresh pumpkins make great decorations. One of the most common ones, Jack-o’-lanterns, have decorated homes around Halloween for centuries. The…

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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

The two-week countdown to Earth Day, April 22, 2018, has already begun. This year’s theme is “End Plastic Pollution.” Bottle caps, Ziploc bags, and other plastic debris is littering our planet and endangering our lives, the lives of animals, and the planet. You can do your part simply by making…

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Easy Mindful Green Living Tips

Our environment has been home to millions of life forms for millions of years. But in the recent millennia, this ecosystem has become under stress and adapting to the pollution and waste we generate. How can we help? Follow our simple green living tips. It’s easy to want to live…

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Vanis Buckholz: Youngster Eco-Activist

Americans have thrown away 161 million tons of materials in one year. Fortunately, young entrepreneurs like 10-year-old Vanis Buckholz are trying to change that. Vanis Buckholz is from Corona del Mar, California, a state with impressive recycling statistics. According to the California Department of Resources, Recycling, and Recovery, nearly 22…

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