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Healing After Sexual Assault

Are we  as a society finally ready to deal head-on with this dirty revelation: every two minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted or abused? Healing after sexual assault shatters and disrupts the core of a person’s sense of safety, self and worth.  The damage inflicted can influence every aspect of a…

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5 Mindful Tips for Reporting Office Harassment

To truly achieve equality in the workplace we must tackle sexual harassment head on. Sexual harassment in the workplace includes acts such as unwelcome sexual advances and requests for sexual favors mostly based on gender. However, there are several mindful tips for dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace that…

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Stop Domestic Violence

Incidents of domestic violence are far too common in this country. It’s estimated that 1.3 million women become victims of physical assault by an intimate partner every year. Fortunately, October is the month for spreading awareness on this issue and preventing future cases of domestic violence. October is Domestic Violence…

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