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Creamy Parsnip and Turnip Soup

Do you ever pass by the turnips in the produce section and wonder what to do with this root vegetable? They look intimidating and are known for their bitter flavor. But, have no fear. Turnips are truly great additions to your diet! Does your new year’s resolution include looking and…

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Winter Cabbage Soup

This is a simple, very healthy soup you can put together quickly and enjoy for a few days. These vegetables are loaded with antioxidants and will give your immune system a real boost. On your busy days during the holidays this winter cabbage soup will nourish your mind, body, and…

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Soups: Good for Your Waistline

Soup is a miraculous and tasty dish. It can bring communities together, warm your soul, and according to recent research, it can also trim your waistline. Dieters and weight-watchers may be a little hesitant to add different soups to their meal plans for fear of fat and high sodium but fret…

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