summer stress

Stressful Summer Activities

With the vacations, warm weather, and long sunny hours, summer should be a time of relaxation. However, that isn’t always the case. Some of the most popular summer activities can actually increase your stress. Popular Summer Activities In 2013, AARP conducted a survey of favorite American summertime activities with 1,000…

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financial stress tips, financial stress triggers

Top Financial Stress Triggers

Money does not buy happiness, but it can be the source of a lot of stress. Worrying about unpaid bills and living paycheck to paycheck can cause physical and mental pain. With financial stress tips, you can overcome your money fears by taking small positive steps toward a more financially…

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Stop Your Stress Eating

When you’re stressed, what do you turn to for comfort? Shopping? Meditating? Napping? It turns out that many Americans turn to food. This is known as stress eating or emotional eating. Stress and Eating Believe it or not, a little stress can actually suppress hunger. This is all based on…

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Contagious Stress at Work

Contagious stress spreads at work and will affect your family and personal life.Yes, believe it or not, stress is contagious at work. So, it’s important to be Mindful of the impact your work environment has on your mental health. When someone gets stressed there is a “ripple effect” spreading out from…

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