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      DIY Bird Feeder: Thoughtful Treats to Attract Wildlife
      Citrus is abundant at the tail end of winter and early spring. With some careful pre-planning, you can turn these peels into a creative DIY bird feeder to attract wildlife. When peeling a grapefruit, orange, lemon or lime, do your...
    • yard sale, garage sale
      Planning a Successful Yard Sale
      Looking for a way to make extra money? A yard sale (or garage sale) can provide a great opportunity to generate revenue and clear out some of the old, but sellable items. In order to be successful, you’ll need to do...
    • Embellishing Your Resume
      When a jobseeker has been on a long search for employment, the temptation to embellishing your resume may grow strong. However, including a few  jobseeker white lies on a resume could come back to haunt them. Due to the current...
    • popsicles, summer, fruity popsicles
      Money Management Begins with a Lemonade Stand
      A Lemonade stand is a quintessential summer activiti. Not only are they delicious ways to beat the summer heat wave, but they can also teach young children important life lessons. It takes a lot of pre-planning, creativity, and lemons to...
    • Eagles Fan Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Removed
      Would you be this upset if you woke up and thought you missed the Super Bowl?

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