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Tailwaggers 911: Transporting Animals with Tons of Love

by Dr. Kathleen Hall
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We love the organization Tailwaggers 911. They are a group of fun people who simply love dogs. They make a world of difference in the world of animal rescue. The organization’s goal is to find dogs who need homes. They are not a breed or age specific rescue organization. The difference this group of committed people makes in the world of dog rescue is absolutely miraculous.

The Habersham Humane Society has worked with Tailwaggers 911 for a year now and the experience has been divine. The president, Dawn Boeselager, is one of the most determined, dedicated animal loving humans on the planet. Dawn flies down to North Georgia and picks up sometimes 35 dogs at a time to adopt them out in homes, so they have “forever homes.”

Tailwaggers 911 even purchased a $1000 scale for Habersham Humane Society so the organization could accurately weigh the dogs so they could be adopted on Petfinders.com. We love Tailwaggers 911 and they always need donations to support their selfless, loving work to save animals lives. Please contact or support this faithful group of animal saints who are literally saving the lives of hundreds of dogs each year.

Tail Waggers 911
c/o Dawn Boeselager
121 W. Niesen Dr.
Saukville, WI 53080

Phone: 262-617-8052

Email: rescuedogs@tailwaggers911.com

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