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Ted Talk by Lori Gottlieb: Change Your Story-Change Your Life

Stories help us make sense out of life — but when these narratives are incomplete or misleading, they can keep us stuck instead of providing clarity. In an actionable talk, psychotherapist and advice columnist Lori Gottlieb shows how to break free from the stories you’ve been telling yourself by becoming your own editor and rewriting your narrative from a different point of view.

Who is Lori Gottlieb?

Lori Gottlieb is an American writer and psychotherapist. She is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, which is being adapted as a TV series. She also writes the weekly “Dear Therapist” advice column for The Atlantic and is also the co-host of the iHeart Radio podcast “Dear Therapists.” You can learn more about here on her website,  

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