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Thank Your Doctor Today

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

It’s time to recognize how hard your doctor works and how important your physicians are in your life. Many hospitals celebrate their dedicated doctors hard work and sacrifice. Why don’t you do something to show your respect and caring for your doctor? It is National Physicians Week so thank your doctor.

Celebrate Your Doctor 

  1. Lunch. Call a food delivery service and have lunch delivered to your physician and their staff. Call the office manager to schedule the day and time. Your doctor and their staff will be thrilled and grateful for your kindness and respect.
  2.  Flowers. You could send some beautiful flowers to your physician’s office. Your doctor will appreciate your kindness and respect along with his team.
  3. Send a Card. Send a nice card to your doctor showing your gratitude and respect for their care of you.
  4. Charity. Mail a gift in your physician’s name to their favorite charity. If you don’t know what they love call their office manager.

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