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The Answer to the Evil Among Us

The hate has grown in this country not only between the political parties but between many of us. Our country’s emotional status was guided by the politics in the 1990’s and to this day, the hate has grown like a terminal illness.

Look how a cancer cell takes over a healthy body. The cancer cell eats the good cells and then propagates at massive rates throughout the body eventually killing the host. That is what has happened to us as a nation, in our families and friendship groups.

We must learn how to live mindfully. Yes, “Mindful Living.” Mindful Living means every thought, word and action have consequences, a ripple effect. Mindful Living means each of us is required to have reverent respect for ourselves, each other, nature, our earth and the universe. We are to have dignity and be kind to all life. Mindful Living is the answer to the hate, disrespect, and the disintegration of the human soul.

I believe we are to be a noble, loving, kind, respectful community of very different individuals. We were created to have different opinions, different skin colors, different languages and different cultures. Look at nature, the essence of the Divine is diversity.

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