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The Magic of Eight

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Eight is an auspicious number. I have always loved the number 8. Only later in my life did I investigate the number 8 and then discovered the magic of number 8. Eight is the number of perfection. The symbol of the Divine, infinity, is the number 8 laid down. Learn more about it here.

The Mindful Living Network’s Birthday is

I found this number to be so powerful and auspicious I decided to launch the Mindful Living Network on August 8, 2008, at 8pm, on minute 8 and on the eighth second. That was on the eighth year, eighth month, the eighth day, eighth hour, and eighth second of the day. I reasoned that birthing the Mindful Living Network from the womb of the Universe on this auspicious would bless, protect, and guide its life.

There Are Many Reasons The Number 8 is Magic

The number 8 is the symbol of new life. The number 8 reveals there is no beginning or end to life. Life is one constant, everlasting loop that feeds into itself.  In many cultures, 8 is the number of prosperity and abundance.

Egyptians believed 8 is the number of perfect cosmic order and balance. In Asian cultures, the lotus is a sacred symbol with 8 petals. These 8 petals represent the center and the axis of the world. In the Chinese culture 8 represents the unity of creation and the universe. The luckiest number in Chinese culture is the number 8. For the Chinese and many other cultures, 8 means success, prosperity, and noble social status. Learn more about it here.

My Passion For The Number 8 Continues

The Mindful Living Network continues to grow and flourish from the womb of 8. When we have struggled and worked through challenges, I have depended on the energy of 8, the Divine number and power, as a beacon of light to guide us through. Mindful living is number 8. There is no end to what you co-create when you live mindfully. Your life becomes one continuous, eternal, Divine loop of nourishment, challenges, growth, and wisdom. Just as a baby is rocked back and forth, so the energy of your SELF, and the universe, flows through the Divine loop that the number 8 symbolizes.

Finally, maybe the number 8 is two circles bound together for co-creation. One ring is the Divine Energy, and the other ring is our incarnation as a human. With every breath we take, and with every star that is born, and with every rotation of the Earth, we are continually nourishing each other.



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