The Road to Hope

With the summer ending and the fall ushering in, soon it is time to shake off the financial woes, grueling heat and rhythm of summer. It is time to find hope.

Hope is real, palpable energy. Each day we experience natural laws of physics that we don’t actually recognize, such as wind, light, gravity, and hope. Hope is a natural law of physics and spirituality.

A study examined the relationships between positive emotions and health. Two positive emotions were considered, hope and curiosity, in conjunction with three physician-diagnosed disease outcomes: hyper tension, diabetes mellitus, and respiratory tract infections. Across those three disease outcomes, higher levels of hope were associated with a decreased likelihood of having or developing a disease. Higher levels of curiosity were also associated with decreased likelihood of hypertension and diabetes mellitus. These results suggest that positive emotions may play a protective role in the development of disease. As the large body of scientific research continues to grow on mind-body medicine, we will continue to prove the health benefits of this miracle energy called hope.

Hope is the antidote for our confusing world.  It is also evidence of the Divine. Hope is freedom. You can’t be in bondage to fear, anger, shame, or uncertainty when you find hope. Anything is possible if you have hope.

6 tips to help you find hope

  1. Backwards: Looking backwards is the past.  The past is over and there is nothing we can do about it.  Make peace with your decisions, losses and grief.  Forgive yourself first and forgive others. It is the healing balm of life. Your past is behind you now.
  2. Frontward: your future is the only thing you have. Research tells us positive hopeful people draw positive people and situations to them.  Be a magnet for hope in your future.
  3. Upward: Gather strength from the Divine. Reinforce your connection with hope through meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices that connect you with your Divine Being.
  4. Downward: Look where you stand right now. Be grateful you are alive, you are healthy and live in a free country. You are stronger than you think. Ground and root yourself in Mother Earth’s powerful energy.
  5. Sideways:  Look to the left and to the right.  Who is with you?  Do you have friends, neighbors, family or a community to support you?  If not, discover one today by going to a group doing something you love.  They will support you and be there for you.
  6. Within: What are your gounding practices that bring you home to yourself every day. Is it a book, prayer, meditation, yoga, art or music?

Hope is your source of energy, grace and glue.  Find Hope  for it is a powerful, spiritual power that will guide you through the toughest of times and will be your teacher about life.