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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

father's day activities

A recent survey found that an overwhelming majority of fathers said that they would prefer experiences with their kids over gifts. Father’s Day is right around the corner. This year go beyond a greeting card and try Father’s Day activities –  they make great Father’s Day gifts. Plus, you’ll give your father an experience to remember.

Experience Gifts for Dad

A day of relaxation

Looking for things to do with dad on Father’s Day? Some dads want to do absolutely nothing, just stay at home and relax. If you have a dad like this, we have some ideas for you. Make the day special with a few of their favorite movies and take-out to eat, like pizza. Buy a heated massage pad so he can turn his favorite chair into a massage chair. Pull out old photo albums and reminisce together—your father will no doubt have lots of stories that he’s dying to share.

A tasty treat

Many people celebrate Father’s Day with a family meal in a nice restaurant. This year try something different. You can make your own meals for Father’s Day with gourmet hot dog recipes or a grill/barbecue recipe. Does your dad like a good drink? Check with local breweries and vineyards to see if they offer Father’s Day tours. Your dad will love it!

A day of crafts

Does your dad like to work with his hands? Consider doing a craft project together. Woodcarving, glassblowing, metalworking, and leather crafting classes are fun; plus, you’ll have a memento to remember the occasion. For dads who are kings of the grill, try a grilling class—they can learn new grilling techniques and recipes.

A day of adventure

An adventure with dad would take a lot of pre-planning but it would definitely be worth it. You could go on a small vacation or enjoy the great outdoors together. For instance, plan a weekend road trip together and go hiking in a national park. You can camp under the stars and go fishing too. It will be a time to remember.

A day of new experiences

Does your father have a bucket list? Maybe you can spend Father’s Day helping your dad mark a few things off of his list. If he doesn’t have a bucket list of any kind, consider coming up with a few ideas together. In the future, you and your dad can accomplish these goals together. It’ll be a great bonding opportunity.

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