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The Unemployed American Worker

On this Labor Day, we honor the millions of American workers who are unemployed. Understand the benefits of working while respecting the unemployed American worker is our mindful labor day advice.

The benefits of working :

We were created to work. That is part of the universal human plan. Our DNA creates the desire to work in our bones. Work creates meaning, boosts self-esteem, and adds abundance in our lives. When we are robbed of jobs we lose our self-esteem and part of our dignity and souls. The shame and pain that goes with not having a job is immense and terrifying.

A job is not just for income to support us and our families. It is also a way to teach our children that working is honorable, noble, and right. Work provides us an education on many levels. It also teaches us how to lower our barriers to others and join hands in a common purpose. Working cultivates us in this world and makes us a better person. We meet friends and develop relationships and love at work. We must work.

If you are unemployed, use this time to make a difference. Get out of your house and volunteer for something that you are passionate about. You will not only meet some amazing like-minded people, but you will also feel better because you are making a difference. Take a self-help course, whether it is a Zumba, meditation, or yoga class. You will regain hope and a more upbeat perspective on life.

Mindful Labor Day advice:

On Labor Day, we traditionally honor our workers. This Labor Day let us pray and send love and help to all unemployed workers. You can do your part by helping those who are struggling to get back on their feet. We can share what we have with each other. Let us join in solidarity and move forward with action, ideas, and plans so that next Labor Day more American workers are employed.

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