Things We Love About February

There’s a lot to love about February. We don’t always appreciate this month because it can be cold and dreary. Many of us waste away the month tucked indoors, waiting for March and the promise of spring. But don’t let the month fly by! You’ll miss out on the many things February has to offer!

What We Love About February

New Beginnings

New Beginnings for some, the new year has already started. For others, it’s just beginning. The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is usually in February (or late January, depending on the year). It’s a day for honoring ancestors while looking forward to the future, a very ancient practice that we could all benefit from.

Honoring History

If we don’t learn from our history we are doomed to repeat it. We as a society spend most of our time trying to anticipate the future rather than remembering the past. With Black History Month and Presidents’ Day, February is a time for us all to take a step back and reflect on our history as a country.

More Time

We’re constantly short on time. There just aren’t enough hours in a day for us to complete everything on our to-do lists. Deadlines are missed, vacations are postponed, and weekends become extended workdays. Fortunately, every four years, February gifts us with something truly special—more time, or a leap day to be exact. And who wouldn’t want to have more time?

Celebrating the Arts

Creativity is a necessity of a mindful, happy life. It allows us to express ourselves and tap into something deep within us. During cold months like February, many people take up creative hobbies as they spend more time indoors. So, February is the perfect time to indulge creative endeavors, whether it’s music, art or crocheting. It’s also awards seasons—the Grammys, the Oscars, etc.—and many people will be gathering to celebrate achievements in the arts.

All the Good Food

February just so happens to be National Cherry Month and February 5th is World Nutella Day. Plus, chocolate is everywhere during this month. So, needless to say, February is a great month to enjoy delicious food.


What we love most about February is love. Many people get caught up in the romantic aspect of Valentine’s Day, but it should be about so much more. Valentine’s Day, or even February in general, should also be about love of family and love for friends (even four-legged friends). Most importantly, it should be about love of self and love of life—this is the love we need the most and February is the perfect month to start practicing.