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Thoughtful Gifts to Show Condolences

When a friend or coworker is mourning the loss of a loved one, we try our best to comfort them. Giving them a gift is one simple way of showing them that we care. A card and a bouquet are nice, but there are other thoughtful gifts to show condolences that you must consider.

Here are some Mindful Gifts™ ideas that will hopefully brighten their day in their time of grief and perhaps Alter Their Life®:

A book or journal

If you’re at a loss for words, consider giving them a book with encouraging quotes and stories like Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul. If you prefer not to give a book consider a journal since writing can be therapeutic. Find selected journals at Mindful Living Market™.

A keepsake box

Some people like to organize belongings of the deceased and keep them in a safe place. A keepsake memory box is a unique gift that you can have personalized with a special quote or the deceased’s name.

A custom photo album

There’s no better way to hold on to memories than with a dedicated photo album. You can give your friend a personalized photo album or go a step further and fill it with photos if you happened to know the deceased.

A commemorative picture frame

Sympathy picture frames make a great gift and they can be found both in stores and online. They feature poems, quotes, and some even allow you to write your own message.

Memorial handkerchiefs

These gifts are common in southern states. Getting a crisp, white handkerchief embroidered with flowers and the name of the deceased will make a beautiful and thoughtful gesture.

A personalized blanket

Similar to the memorial handkerchief, consider giving a mourning friend a memorial quilt or blanket with the name of the deceased on it.

A dedicated donation

Consider giving a gift that will not only help your friend but others as well. Make a donation on their behalf to a cause that’s important to your friend and their loved one.

Gift baskets

A care package filled with aromatherapy candles and tasty treats (cookies and tea) will be greatly appreciated.

A home-cooked meal

It’s old fashion, but still a great idea. Find out what their favorite meal is and consider giving them a dessert too.

A shoulder or helping hand

One of the best gifts you can give is your time. Call them or visit their home. Offer to help with chores or with the funeral arrangements. Above all, give them encouraging words and offer them a shoulder to cry on.

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