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Make Your First Date Rock

The Importance of Your First Date

First dates are all about making romantic connections with another person, and unfortunately, you don’t have a lot of time to impress. Studies show that we form our first impressions about another person within the first seven to seventeen seconds. And while a great sense of humor or a stellar personality is important, experts say that a majority of our opinions of others (55 percent) is based on physical presence. With a little knowledge and these mindful first date tips we will help you make the best first impression on your next date

A Few First Date Tips 

1. Eye contact

 It’s normal to be nervous on a first date; and when people are anxious they tend to divert their eyes, which isn’t a good idea. Experts say that our eyes are “perceived as the best indicators of one’s character” and our true feelings. When you have a high blink rate or hide your eyes when you talk, others may think that you’re not being honest. In order to establish a loving relationship, maintaining eye contact is essential. It shows that you’re truly invested in the time that you’re sharing together and, according to Dr. Barbara Frederickson, it allows two people to capture “micro-moments of positivity resonance.”

2. Genuine smiles

 An important part of first impressions is a genuine smile, also known as the “Duchenne smile,” after the French anatomist Guillaume Duchenne. This type of smile is produced when crow’s feet appear around our eyes as the corners of our mouths rise with our cheeks. The Duchenne smile is different from other smiles because it’s controlled by the emotional center of our brain. A study from Bangor University in Wales showed that participants were unconsciously drawn to people with sincere smiles versus polite smiles (without crow’s feet). So, a genuine smile can help guarantee the success of your first date.

3. Physical appearance

 Along with eye contact and a true smile, you should also consider your physical appearance when trying to impress. A study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin suggested that “physical appearance alone can send signals about [a person’s] true personality.” While it’s important to dress to impress, experts say that you should stay true to who you are and be comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Finally, you shouldn’t only be concerned with your clothes; proper grooming is important as well, such as a haircut or clean fingernails.

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