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Time to Protect Fragile Plant Roots

Winter is knocking on the door, so it’s time to take action to protect your fragile plant roots. Container plants are especially susceptible to freezing. Take a little time to winterize your garden this weekend.

Protect Fragile Plant Roots

It’s easy to ensure that your fragile plant roots will be there in the spring with a little advance planning and helpful tips below.

  1. Know when the first frost is coming. The root systems of container plants are very susceptible to freezing so check the weather report in your area to keep abreast of when the first threat of frost is expected.
  2. Hold off on fertilizing. Fertilizers encourage plant growth. However, it’s new growth that is the most vulnerable, so hold off till spring to fertilize again.
  3. Make some indoor space. Does your garage or home need a little brightening up? If so, consider bringing your plants indoors. For tropical plants and annuals, reserve a sunny window. For perennials, the garage is fine. Just remember to wrap them on very cold nights! You can place tropical plants outside on sunny days but never leave them out overnight!
  4. Wrap them if you can’t stash them! If your container plants are too large to go indoors, cluster your plants in the sunniest corner of your yard and wrap them to protect the roots. Bubble wrap is an excellent insulating material. With bubble wrap around the pot and extra mulch on top, your plant will be well insulated. You can also dig a hole and plant your container plant–this will allow the earth to insulate your plants.

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