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Tips for Combating Chronic Fatigue

adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue
You May Have Chronic Fatigue

Do you have chronic fatigue? Are you tired during the day? Do you rely on caffeine to keep going? Our society is so go-go-go that scores of people are plagued by adrenal fatigue without ever realizing there are natural ways to maintain their energy.

What Causes Chronic Fatigue?

When you become stressed your body releases the hormone cortisol. When you rely on caffeine and sugar to keep to going, your body does the same thing. Your adrenal glands continue to pump out the cortisol well after you actually need it but your body can’t maintain this unnatural high. This over-production results in adrenal fatigue. Sufferers report symptoms such as a lack of energy, diminishing sex drive, and weight gain.

Naturally Boost Your Energy

So instead of turning to coffee to get going, use our tips below to realize the freedom of naturally-maintained energy and free yourself from the crash-and-burn cycle of caffeine.

  1. Schedule your meals. Eat well and eat regularly! Don’t skip the snacks since this results in dips in your blood sugar levels, causing those sugar cravings. Aim to eat at the same time each day so your body knows when to expect replenishment and choose natural sugars, such as fruits, to keep your energy up.
  2. Take breaks. Energy comes from rest! Yes, your to-do list is long but you will be more successful at accomplishing it if you take a moment to be calm and relaxed. These breaks give your body a chance to replenish and prepare itself for the tasks ahead.
  3. Turn away from refined and artificial sugar. As mentioned above, stay away from processed sugars since they unnaturally stimulate cortisol production. Avoid caffeine too and after the initial lull, you will find yourself more naturally replenished!
  4. Reduce stress. Exercise, laugh, and have fun! Cortisol is the stress hormone, so reducing stress reduces spikes in its production, allowing you to maintain its production more regularly. Relax in the knowledge that your relaxing is what’s right for you and smile with the knowledge that this little act helps to melt the stress away!

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