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Top Trends in Social Issues for 2012

by MLN Staff
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With the 2012 election, many American social issues came up in debates between politicians on television, coworkers in offices and family members at the dinner table. So, what are some of the top trends in social issues of 2012?

Listed below is a Mindful Technology® list of the top trends in social issues that have caused serious discussions among Americans in 2012.

Gun control

America has a long history of gun control legislation and the gun-related tragedies of 2012 may further impact these laws. This year gun-related disasters have cost numerous lives. They include the Sikh temple shooting in Milwaukee, the shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, and Sandy Hook tragedy. Now, the question is how our country will try to solve this problem in 2013.


 Keeping or repealing America’s new healthcare plan has been a hot-button issue. The Democrats and Republicans haven’t been able to agree, but from research, it’s clear that something needs to be done. Research shows that 15 percent of the population is uninsured. And for every 100,000 deaths in America, 110 people die because they do not have better access to healthcare.


 Unauthorized immigrants make up 3.7 percent of America’s population.  This has caused debates about America’s immigration policies and border security. It led to Arizona’s controversial immigration law. However, in 2012 immigrants made their voices heard. Hispanic immigrants who couldn’t vote started campaigns, encouraging Latino citizens to vote. The number of voter registered Latinos has increased 26 percent and 71 percent of them voted for Obama (and his plan to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship).

Planned Parenthood

 This year there’s been a “war on women.” Debates about the definition of rape, reproduction rights, and contraception saturated the election. Republican presidential candidates vowed to end Planned Parenthood funding. Other conservative office hopefuls discussed things like “legitimate rape.” Yet, in the end, 2012 became “year of women” with a record number of women (20) elected to the Senate.

Same-sex marriage

 For decades people have been trying to define marriage. These decisions were often left to state legislatures to decide. However, in 2012 Maine, Maryland, and Washington let the people decide. And for the first time, “marriage rights were extended to same-sex couples by popular vote.” The measure was passed in Maine (52 percent to 47 percent), Maryland (52 percent to 48 percent), and Washington (52 percent to 48 percent).

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