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Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

by MLN Staff

Are you planning a Valentine’s Day party for your kids? Or are you looking for a homemade gift to make for your Valentine? Are you a big fan of heart-shaped décor and knickknacks? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll get a kick out of these Valentine’s Day craft ideas. They’ll bring a lot of fun to your Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Heart-Shaped Pillows

This year you can give you Valentine a cozy gift like a homemade heart pillow. It’ll look great in a bedroom or in their favorite comfy chair. You can make the pillow with classic red or pink fabric or you can choose an unexpected pattern or print. Find more details about this cool DIY project from Design Love Fest.

Heart-Shaped String Art

Keep your kids busy with this DIY craft idea! String art is quite simple, though your young ones will need your help for the first step. To achieve this picture, nails are hammered around the boarder of a wooden board. Then a heart shape is nailed into the middle. Kids then take colorful pieces of string and weave it around the nails, creating a bright and beautiful heart-shaped showpiece. This Valentine’s Day craft idea would look great in your child’s bedroom. Further instructions can be found on the Sugar Bee Crafts website.

Marble Glass Flower Vases

Are you planning on giving your Valentine a bouquet of flowers? If so, you can also give them a hand-decorated vase to go with it. Martha Stewart has a DIY project called “Marbleized Glass Flower Vase” that’s simple to do and very beautiful. All you need is a glass vase, craft paint, marbling medium, plastic wrap, and disposable cups and popsicle sticks for mixing the paint. Check out her website for more details.

Heart-Shaped Wreaths

Are you looking for other heart-shaped décor? How about a wreath? You can hang it practically anywhere—from a door to a living room wall to a master bedroom. You can make a wreath with artificial flowers inserted into a heart-shaped foam base. Or, if you want to make the wreath more kid friendly, have the kids tie ribbons around a heart-shaped base or glue paper hearts to a heart-shaped frame. Either way it’ll make a sweet addition to your Valentine’s Day.

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