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Valentine’s Gifts from the Heart

by MLN Staff

Valentine’s Day gifts should come from the heart and nothing says I love you more than a homemade gift.

Listed below are some Mindful Gifts, homemade Valentine’s Day crafts perfect for the whole family.


  • Sweet Paper Fortune Cookie: Looking for a new way to give someone a special note and a few chocolate pieces? Consider creating paper fortune cookie. All you need is 4” circles made of decorative paper, adhesive glue dots, romantic fortunes and small candies. Here’s a tutorial.
  • Pixy Stix Arrows: If you prefer fruity candy consider turning your Pixy Stix into arrows. All you need is glue, scissors, and colorful cardstock cut into hearts for the arrowhead and a feathered fletching.


  • Scratch-Off Cards: Scratch-offs aren’t just for the lottery, they’re also a great idea for Valentine’s Day cards. First, create your own card.  Secondly, create the scratch-off mixture by combining acrylic paint and clear dish soap. Then paint the mixture on top of the message you wish to hide. You can also create scratch-off Polaroids by printing a picture on white cardstock and painting a mixture of black acrylic paint and dish soap on top. Here’s a tutorial.


  • Heart Shaped Munchies: With a durable, heart-shaped cookie cutter you can turn almost any dish into a romantic treat. For breakfast consider making heart-shaped eggs, sunny-side up, on toast or heart-shaped pancakes. For lunch consider heart-shaped fruit salad with heart-shaped sandwiches. For a fun dinner, consider making pizza with heart-shaped pepperoni or chicken noodle soup with heart-shaped carrots.
  • Candied Hearts Cheesecake: Do dessert consider making mini cheesecakes in the shape of candied hearts. You can use your favorite cheesecake recipe along with food coloring, a silicone heart-shaped cake mold, and a paintbrush. Here are the instructions.

Party Favors:

  • Romantic Bookmarks: For the book lover, consider a heart-shaped bookmark. You’ll need decorative cardstock, glue, scissors and a small hobby knife. You can find a tutorial here.  
  • Matchbook Photo Album: Show a loved one that they’re your “perfect match” by creating a tiny photo album for them. All you’ll need to create a personalized matchbook photo album is five pictures printed on card stock, scissors, a stapler, and this template.

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