The Season of Rituals

Welcome to the season of rituals. November begins the season of the most profound rituals in our lives. A ritual is a bridge connecting your past, present, and future. Rituals glue you together inside and out. Your daily spiritual practices, your daily meals, and your play rituals with your family and friends help keep you glued together. Rituals are the anchors that keep you centered and resilient as you travail life’s storms, losses, joys, celebrations, and transformations.

A ritual is an intentional action that evokes deep inner meaning and connects your mind, body, and soul. The smallest action can have dramatic meaning. Ritual is the repetition of a ceremony, simple or elaborate, alone or with community. Rituals awaken your five senses.

These practices will keep you healthy and increase your happiness in many ways. Rituals reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and they calm the mind and promote relaxation. When you feel drained, fearful, or stressed, you can do simple rituals to stop your stress and restore balance and calm. You may have a ritual of deep breathing, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, meditation, guided imagery or listening to music.

Create new rituals on this season of rituals to reinforce family, spiritual, religious, or cultural rituals that create meaning for you.

  • Spiritual/ Religious Rituals: Develop a spiritual life and a connection with the Divine/Holy/God. Rituals such as quiet time in your home, moments of silence, or reading from an inspirational book are invaluable. Many Sabbath rituals are very powerful in rooting your family together. Informal rituals such as blessing your food before eating a meal and expressing gratitude in the morning and before bed.
  • Family Rituals: Family rituals create rhythm, security, and richness in a family. They help keep a family grounded. Simple rituals such as reading together, eating meals, bath time, walking, and playtime weave your lives together.
  • Health Rituals: Exercise regularly as a spiritual and health ritual. Where do you eat? What do you eat? How do you eat? Is your dining space cheerful, peaceful, and reflecting respect? Remember that color, noise, food, and light are all integrated into your food ritual.

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