What is living from the inside out?

Hailey, I have come to see that the path to one’s true Self comes from living from the inside out. It is the keystone teaching of all the great religious and spiritual teachers throughout time. Whether it is Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tsu, Confucius, Mohammad, Gandhi, Thoreau, Emerson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Father Thomas Keating, or a host of other great holy leaders, their teachings can be distilled down into one basic message: Look within, listen, and live from your center.

The Bible, the Torah, the Koran, and Upanishads, the Vedas, the I Ching, the Discourses of Buddha, the Midrash, and the Bhagavad Gita – all of the seminal religious texts in our world – are grounded in teaching us how to live from the inside out. Each sacred text may have different nuances, diverse methods, and varied perspectives on how to live from the inside out, but the essential message is the same.

Not only is this message found in the minds of great teachers and the sacred texts, we also see it reflected in nature and science. Every tree has heartwood at its center every organic system evolves from the inside out. All species share in the awe-inspiring design of this magnificent universe.

Living from the inside out is the only way to find balance and truly experience an authentic sense of happiness in our lives. As we individually, and as a community, define true happiness, it must be grounded in a commitment to organically living from our core – that sacred space of vital energy and unlimited potential. Clearly our world, our families, and our selves cannot be sustained if we do not choose, on every level of our lives, to live from the inside out. We must become intimate with ourselves and be happy and in balance inside ourselves, before we can truly experience happiness with another person, our families, or our communities.

When you choose to live from the inside out beginning from this very moment, our planet will shift from what it is now an unsustainable dying system, to a flourishing and sustainable system for every part of our human family and for every forest, river, and bird on Earth.