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What is my authentic self?

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Brooke, Your authentic Self is when you feel at one with your Self and your experience. You experience a sense of energy, power, and connection. The ancients used to call this “the place of knowing.” You “know” you are aware and fully present. This is an experience of fullness and communion. It feels as if you are living in a state of grace. It is your original Self before you were influenced by the effects of your primary family, society, school, and other experiences that began to define and shape your life.

Many of us have experienced fleeting moments of our authentic Self. For you, it may have been when you were passionately lost while reading a book, having no sense of time or place because the story was so real. Maybe you were playing the piano, while your fingers were playing a score and your body and soul were the music. Or, were you writing an essay with your heart, and noticed your fingers trembling as you became the words? Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath, and journey back to your childhood. Remember a time or a place where you felt a communion and connection with your authentic Self. Do you remember experiencing confidence, peace, and power? If you recognize that place of bliss you were at home with your authentic Self.


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