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What is Our Goal as a Mother?

by Dr Kathleen Hall
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As soon as we give birth to our children the world is set at a different pace it seems. While pregnant, we had time to think about being a mother; what it would be like, what we’d like to do with our kids etc. However, once our beautiful babies arrive we can get stuck in a grooved path and really not allow ourselves to step back and reflect on what kind of mom we want to be or what is our goal as a mother?

Activities, homework, play dates, classes, cooking, doing laundry…. this all takes time, and if we are not living our lives consciously enough we can forget what our actual goal was!

Let Today be the Day to Reflect of what is our goal as a mother:

  • Let today be the day everyone honors you as a mother
  •  Remind  yourself about all the good you do each and every day for your family.
  •  Celebrate your uniqueness as a mom–what are you good at?
  •  Allow yourself to receive–something difficult for many moms.
  •  Reflect on what your deepest desire is as a mother to your kids, and then make a list of how you think you can accomplish this.
  • I’ll start first to give you an example of what I mean…
  • “My deepest desire is to create a beautiful marriage and to nurture my children to be loving, confident, radiant, compassionate people who are driven to discover their unique purpose on this earth and use it to serve others.”

To do this I want to be:

  • interested
  • involved
  • compassionate
  • a role-model
  • consistent
  • present
  • non-judgmental
  • their cheerleader
  • inspiring

Now it’s your turn! Don’t think you have to be the same as me or anyone else. You are unique! Your child was sent to you specifically, and you are their mother for a specific reason. Go with what your heart tells you.

Celebrate this!

Now, make a pact with yourself, that moving forward, you’ll keep this goal in your mind when your child misbehaves, whines, throws a tantrum or asks you to sit with them or listen to their stories.

This goal will keep things in perspective and will help you stay calm (and apply my four-step discipline technique if need be)!

Happy Mother’s Day to you! I honor you and celebrate you for all the good you do.

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