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What is the foundation of true success? 

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Agnes, Many of us are in such a hurry on the fast track of life to “make it”– whatever that means for each of us. “Making it” for you may be an organization you want to join, a promotion, money, status, or to be the “best” mom in the neighborhood. For whatever you desire in life to be lasting and sustainable, you must have a foundation and roots. Once you are caught up in the whirlwind of success and the upward and forward lifestyle, it is very difficult to sustain that life without a solid foundation.

We focus our lives on the prize, many times to discover when we reach our upward and forward goals that we have created hollow busy lives. If you haven’t developed any practices or disciplines grounding you in health and well-being, when the storms of your personal and business life come you can suffer severe damage.

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