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What Kind of Boss Do You Have?

by MLN Staff

A company is only as good as its leader. Some workers are fortunate to have generous leaders, but for every understanding boss there is that one who you can’t seem to please. How is one to cope? Identifying what kind of boss you work for and how to best get along with them may be just what you need for a peaceful work environment.

Here are five kind of boss examples:

  1. One of the people. These bosses don’t believe in job titles. They not only want to be your friend in the office, they also want to friend you on Facebook. Having a buddy boss may be great, but don’t be fooled. A professional manner is always best in the workplace, even if your boss would have you think otherwise.
  2. The tin man/ tin woman. They are the exact opposite of the buddy bosses. They don’t want to be your friend; in fact, you’re not sure if it’s possible for them to make friends since all they talk about is work. This boss may not smile or ask about your day, but if you turn in your work on time you’ll never hear them complain.
  3. The dream come true. This type of boss is a rare specimen. They’re kind, understanding, and firm in their decisions. They have an uncanny way of motivating their staff. If you find yourself looking forward to coming to the office than your boss may be a dream come true. Show your appreciation by giving your work 110 percent dedication.
  4. The boss 2.0. They’re constantly looking to bigger and better things. Every other week they may insist on a new gadget that promises to make office operations easier. They come up with new, top priority projects for you at the drop of the hat. Keeping up with sudden demands can be tough. If you have hard time managing consider talking with them.
  5. The historian. The historian bosses are nothing like the 2.0 bosses, their motto being “don’t fix what isn’t broken.” They insist that the office rules and operations should be the way it has been for the past 30 years. For them change is unnecessary. Whether they are afraid or just stubborn it’s best to just go along at their turtle pace.

Five more boss examples to come…

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