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Why should I be honest?

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Noah,  Say something honest about yourself and then repeat it again. Now say something dishonest about yourself and repeat it. Do you notice a change not only in your emotions but also in your energy? When you are dishonest your eyes may blink, your blood pressure may change, and your heart may change its rhythm.

You may believe living dishonestly is justified by your economic situation and that you can change later in life when your circumstances change. Just remember, the longer you avoid the truth, the greater price you will pay. When we avoid the truth about a relationship, the result can be infidelity or divorce. When we avoid the truth about our health, the result can be disease. When we avoid the truth about evil or oppression in our countries, it can result in wars. There is an old saying that I love: “Pay now or pay later.” When you pay later, there are more consequences for your choices.

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