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You Must See Racing Extinction!

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

I was invited to see the viewing of the new movie Racing Extinction being released on September 18. This documentary is created by the Academy Award winning director, Louie Psihoyos.

I originally did not want to see it because it is a last call to humanity to save our planet before it is too late. I thought this movie would be “doom and gloom.” It is NOT! This is a message of hope, vision, and inspiration. You will witness undercover activists stop our man-made mass extinction. And you will see the breathtaking, magnificent creation in which we live in through the lens of a genius. The greatest heartbreaking moment for me was hearing the last male bird of a certain species crying out for a female to mate with and there were no more females left. I listened to his last song as he ended a species.

We can all do so much! Please watch this movie with your family, partner, coworker, or neighbors. Go to church at the movies this weekend and see Racing Extinction.

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