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8 Health Benefits of Exercise

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Mindful Exercise™ is needed for a healthy life, but many Americans are not getting enough daily physical activity. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week. Furthermore, 80 percent of adolescents do not get enough physical activity either. This is a shame as regular physical exercise can benefit many areas of your life.


8 ways in which exercise can benefit your emotional and mental health:

Stress relief

 A “fight or flight” chemical reaction is what occurs in your body when you are under great stress. Fortunately, exercise can reverse the effects of this chemical reaction. It can also lower your overall levels of stress. Tai chi relieves stress by easing stiffness and pain, as well as calming your mind. Tai chi also helps you meditate, focus on the present, and forget your daily worries.

Endorphin rush

Exercise releases endorphins in your body, which are also known as “happy hormones.” These endorphins help your immune system, reduce pain, and curb your appetite. Running is an exercise that can give you a great endorphin rush or a “runner’s high”. Running strengthens your body and the fresh air and change of scenery also boosts your mood.

Physical tension

 Have a stiff neck or stomach cramps? Exercise can be the solution. With exercise you can relieve physical tension in the body; for instance, neck pain and back pain can be reduced with moderate stretches. Pilates is a common form of exercise that’s great for your health. It’s also great for relieving back pain, neck pain, strained muscles, and tense joints.

Emotional tension

Physical activities can help ease emotional tension as well. Exercise can help clear your mind and help you relax. There are many exercises that can benefit your emotional health. One example is karate, which can be a great way for relieve your frustration at the end of a long day.

Social connections

When exercises are done in groups it promotes socialization, which is great for your emotional health. Exercising together strengthens bonds with loved ones and it can help you create new bonds with people. Playing sports is a great way to get exercise and bond with others. To reap these benefits try joining a recreational sport like basketball, soccer, or Frisbee competition.

Better sleep

Studies also show that those who exercise on a regular basis have fewer cases of insomnia. This is because exercise tires you out and helps you sleep at night. Yoga increases your flexibility, helps you control your breathing, and helps you sleep better at night. There are even certain yoga poses that promote better sleep.

Confidence boost

Exercise can boost your self-esteem. It helps you feel better about yourself and it can give you a feeling of accomplishment. Kickboxing is great for relieving negative energy. Kickboxing is a great skill to have for self-protection and this can also boost your confidence.

Increased energy

Need to increase your energy? Consider exercising. Physical activity is fuel for your body that increases your optimism and focus. Bicycling is a great exercise for increasing your energy. Cycling also builds up your stamina and strengthens your immune system. Riding your bike outside can also connect you to nature, which can boost your energy.

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