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    Cooking With Love
    Cooking For Love

    Sweet Potato Mash

    Join Chef Kendrick Dopp on our new show Cooking for Love and try this simple and tasty sweet potato mash recipe.

    Grilled Zucchini and Ricotta Flatbread

    Chef Kendrick Dopp shows you how to make a wonderful grilled zucchini and ricotta flatbread appetizer perfect for a snack.

    Easy Artichoke Dip

    Join Chef Kendrick Dopp on Cooking for Love and try this wonderful and easy to make artichoke dip. It’s a perfect snack to tide you over before dinner.

    Yummy Cabbage Soup

    Join Chef Kendrick as she makes this wonderful, healthy, easy cabbage soup, which is low calorie, low fat, dairy free, gluten free, and vegan.

    Shrimp Salad on Endive Leaves

    This beautiful and tasty appetizer, shrimp salad on endive leaves not only looks beautiful, but is tasty and good for you.

    Meditation Room
    Meditation Room®

    Moon Meditation

    Let the glow of the moon call you to your center. Just as the moon pulls the ocean to create the changing tides, let it pull you from the hectic day into a place of calm and peace.

    Sunrise Nature Sounds

    Let the light of the sunrise open your mind to all that is good. As the light and color permeate your body, slip to a quite and restful place

    Sunset Nature Sounds

    Become mesmerized by the sunset as it envelops the horizon. As the light and color permeate your body, slip to a quiet and restful place.

    Guided Meditation

    Relax, restore and renew your body and mind through your own personal guided 5 minute meditation session. De-stress and discover your center.

    Ocean Wave Relaxation Sounds

    Hear the roaring waves lapping on the sand. With each rush, let go of the things that clutter your day, and let the power of the waves sweep the stress away.

    Mindful Living TV
    Mindful Living Everyday®


    Learn how experiencing nature can help produce mental/physical healing within yourself and also improve moods and ease anxiety, stress, and depression.

    Aging and Stress

    Chronic stress can accelerate the aging process, which in turn can cause more stress. Learn how you can reduce stress and live a longer, happier, and healthier life.

    Empty Nest Stress

    These mindful tips will help you learn how to move past empty nest stress, fight feelings of loneliness and go forward with your next stage of life joyfully.

    Financial Stress

    Financial stress is the most significant stressor we experience. This video will give you great tips on how to become resilient and overcome your financial stress.

    Office Stress

    Stress in the workplace can create mental and physical illness. Here are some tips to help you manage your stress in the office and in your overall life.

    Alter Your Life
    Alter Your Life®

    Episode 107 A – Mindfulness

    Watch and learn as Ronnie, Renae, Keisha, Bruce, Julie and Kevin reveal personal challenges on their journey to restore their lives.

    Episode 103 C – Prisoners

    Watch and learn as Ronnie, Renae, Keisha, Bruce, Julie and Kevin reveal personal challenges on their journey to restore their lives.

    Episode 102 D – Going Inside

    Watch and learn as Ronnie, Renae, Keisha, Bruce, Julie and Kevin reveal personal challenges on their journey to restore their lives.

    Episode 103 B – Prisoners

    Watch and learn as Ronnie, Renae, Keisha, Bruce, Julie and Kevin reveal personal challenges on their journey to restore their lives.

    Episode 106 C – S.E.L.F. Help

    Watch and learn as Ronnie, Renae, Keisha, Bruce, Julie and Kevin reveal personal challenges on their journey to restore their lives.

  • The Stress Institute®

    The Stress Institute®, a sister network site of ours, is a center for the collection and dissemination of information on the impact of stress on health. It provides stress reduction and mindfulness training to individuals, companies, and families.
    Effects of Stress

    Stress Increases Empathy

    Stress can bring out the worst in us. In fact, stress can contribute to negative habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and overeating. But, surprisingly,

    Stress & Breast Cancer Risk

    Mammograms aren’t the only way to safeguard yourself against breast cancer. Studies show that reducing stress can also be a contributing factor reducing breast cancer. A

    Stress Breaks Your Back

    When you’re bogged down by stress it sometimes feels like the world is on your shoulders. That metaphorical weight can actually be wary for your

    Stress Leads to Migraines

    Have you been suffering from migraines recently? Reducing your stress could be the cure. People with migraines experience a throbbing sensation in their head. The

    Stress Shrinks the Brain

    A little stress in your daily life is natural, but too much stress can do your body a lot of harm. You many know that

    Stress Leads to Diabetes?

    Diabetes is a complicated disease that affects millions of Americans—every year 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes can lead to a host of

    Money Stress and Death

    The Great Recession has been one of the most stressful periods of our generation. And though we are starting to recover as a nation, the

    Effects of Stress

    Health Effects of Stress Stress is a natural and essential part of life. Our stress response is designed to protect and preserve our lives. Our bodies

    Commute Stress Hazards

    Chances are that your daily commute to work is a bit of a hassle. Running to catch that bus or speeding up to make the

    Is Stress Wrecking Your Sleep?

    Having a hard time falling asleep? There could be a number of reasons for your troubled nights. Stimulants (such as smoking and drinking) or family

    The Late Effects of Stress

    When a traumatic event occurs, such as a car accident or the sudden death of a loved one, the incident often triggers symptoms that are

    How to Manage Morning Chaos

    Mornings for most of us can be chaotic. It is very important to remember to manage your morning chaos sets the stage for your entire

    Stress and High Blood Pressure

    Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is one of the growing causes of death in America. Fortunately, reducing your stress can help ensure that you

    Beware of Secondhand Stress

    Feeling stressed at work and not sure why? Maybe you’ve caught a co-workers stress. Indirect stress is a dangerous health hazard, especially at work. Stress

    Stress Impacts Your Appetite

    When you’re stressed it can impact your appetite and alter your food cravings. Too much stress can lead to overeating and weight gain. Fortunately, there

    Is Your Job Killing You?

    Many workers these days are literally working themselves to death. Whether they are trying to advance in their jobs or workaholics they are destroying their

    Stress and Pregnancy

    Peace and relaxation are absolutely essential for an expectant mother. Stress during pregnancy can have serious and life-long health consequences. Listed below are three ways

    Stress and Digestion

    Stress can cause more than just butterflies in your tummy. Chronic stress can lead to indigestion problems, including constipation and diarrhea. Fortunately, with a few

    Email Stresses You Out

    How many times a day do you check your emails? You may think it’s not a big deal to continually check your emails during your

    Stress Impacts Beauty

    Stress impacts the way you look Many of us take complicated steps in order to look younger and retain our youth. However, many of us

    Stress Triggers Obesity

    When something goes wrong at work or issues arise in your romantic relationship, you may feel an urge to eat. This is called emotional eating

    Don’t Mix Love and Stress

    Stress can create distance in your relationship. Fortunately, there are five mindful tips that can help strengthen your love life. Stress keeps you from communicating

    Stress Ruins Your Smile

    Stress can cause indigestion, break your back, and give you a migraine, but did you know that it could also damage your smile? February is

    Stress Effects Your Kidneys

    Stress and depression can compromise your internal organs—from your stomach to your brain. They can also have negative effects on your kidneys. One in three

    Compulsive Worrying Impacts Your Health

    Now, more than ever, we are worrying ourselves sick! Constant worrying eventually leads to anxiety and directly impacts your mental and physical health. Compulsive worrying stops


    Plan a Mindful Family Meeting

    Weekly family meetings are an invaluable tool and can be the glue that keeps a family’s busy life from spinning out of control.  Creating a

    Mindful Poolside Party Ideas!

    Nothing says summer more than relaxing evenings with friends and family by the pool. So this summer why not throw a mindful poolside party for

    Love Benefits Your Health

    It’s well known that a healthy dose of self love can have a positive impact on your life. Studies show that sharing love with others can also

    Time is Almost Out!

    The year is coming to a close and most of us are already looking forward to the new year. A new year is always more

    3 Mindful Skincare Tips

    The skin is the largest organ of the body and it needs to be taken care of properly, especially in summer months. With summer comes

    Stress Reduction

    Guided Imagery Once a Week

    One of the most powerful, effective and simple practices to boost your mental and physical health is guided imagery. Guided imagery uses words and images

    Get Outdoors For Your Ecotherapy

    Your children have spent this past year in school, developing their left-brain (logic and mathematics). Spend time this summer helping develop their right-brain, and let

    Reduce Office Stress in Five Minutes

    If you’re feeling stressed at the office there is a way for you to reduce office stress without falling behind on your work. If you

    Get Rid of Stressful Clutter Now

    Living in clutter is a great source of stress. When you can’t find your car keys, your favorite blouse is missing and the report you

    Are You at Risk for Brownout?

    The American Psychological reports that 65 percent of employees reveal that work is a significant source of stress in their lives. Our workplaces continue to

    Wellness & Aging

    Food Is Medicine

    Food is medicine. Eating healthy heals. Food regulates your moods, your sleep, and your health.  Stress and aging can be regulated by what you eat.

    Serenity Slows Aging

    Serenity is the opposite of stress. Learn a few simple practices that scientific research has proved lowers blood pressure, slows aging, lowers your heart rate,

    Berry Good Health

    From juice and jelly to cookies and scones, cranberries are enjoyed in a variety of forms, which comes as no surprise considering that they are

    Protect Your Aging Eyes

    The month of August brings awareness to an important part of the body that often gets overlooked—the eyes. It’s National Eye Exam Month, a time

    Wellness and Aging

    Wellness means more than just the absence of illness. Focusing on wellness and aging while practicing self care helps us put our emphasis on prevention


financial wellness month, financial wellness

Financial Wellness Month

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It’s Time To Feed Your Soul

By Dr. Kathleen Hall / January 22, 2019 / 0 Comments

The Dangers of Loneliness

By Dr. Kathleen Hall / February 5, 2019 / 0 Comments

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