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How Free are You, REALLY?

Today’s question: “How free are you, really?” July is the month of our country’s birthday which symbolizes freedom. The Secret of Happiness is Freedom Take this time of year to do a “freedom check-up” for your own life. When you are attached to financial status, material possessions, roles as mother,…

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Sizzling Summer Heat Wrecks Your Emotions

Summer Heat Takes a Toll on Your Mind Summer heat plays havoc on your emotional health just as it does your physical health. Anyone living with a mental illness is increasingly affected by summer heat. It can take a toll on your mental health if you take anti-depressants or other…

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Have the Best Summer Picnic Ever!

Thinking of our family summer picnics brings floods of incredibly happy memories. We were picnic freaks. We had picnics everywhere we could think of including our back porch, the backyard, the family room, by the pool, at parks, and a hundred other places. Each summer picnic was unique and we…

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Travel Do’s and Don’ts: Reclaim Your Summer!

Taking time for vacation and leisure is not a luxury, it’s a necessity! Vacations are essential for your mental and physical health. The chronic stress of work can lead to emotional and physical illness – if you don’t get away from work, you have no opportunity for reflection and creative…

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Is Chocolate Good for You?

Cocoa, known as “god food,” has been beloved by civilizations for centuries. It was considered an aphrodisiac and today, it’s consumed in large amounts. In fact, the average American eats about 9.5 pounds of chocolate each year. And this delicious dessert, when eaten in moderation, can have health benefits. Types…

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