How Do Strawberries Grow?

Strawberries are America’s most popular berry. Did you know we eat more strawberries than blueberries and raspberries combined? While strawberries used to be a seasonal […]

greenpeace, greenpeace day

Greenpeace Day

Greenpeace Day celebrates Greenpeace, an independent, direct-action environmental organization. They do not take money from government/corporations & their sole focus is to keep our beautiful planet green and peaceful.

Ultimate Food Hacks: 60 Great Ideas

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How Does Turmeric Grow?

Discover what fresh turmeric looks like before it’s mature and ground into spice. And what it takes to grow this tropical plant in a colder […]

Experience Tulip Farming

This video contains a year round compilation of the tulip cultivation at Maliepaard Bloembollen in the south west of Holland. This company has more than […]

How Do They Make Olive Oil?

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How Do Avocados Grow?

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Crazy Secrets of the Cashew

Cashews have many secrets. Why aren’t they sold in their shells? Are they ever really raw? (Spoiler alert: no!) What’s this “cashew apple” you’ve heard […]