Your Kids Won’t Eat Veggies? Get your Kids in the Garden!

You buy all the green, organic things you can and yet your little one still won’t touch them! Maybe it’s time to get your kids in the garden! According to, studies of afterschool programs suggest that kids who garden are more likely to eat the produce they grow as well…

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Have the Best Summer Picnic Ever!

Thinking of our family summer picnics brings floods of incredibly happy memories. We were picnic freaks. We had picnics everywhere we could think of including our back porch, the backyard, the family room, by the pool, at parks, and a hundred other places. Each summer picnic was unique and we…

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Discipline Tips for Your Child

Society is full of prescriptions for handling a child’s misbehavior. You can’t  escape nanny shows, advice from an empathetic mom or the outspoken advice from your childless coworker. Here are some mindful discipline tips. You’ve probably tried small time-outs, counting 1-2-3, various forms of punishment, bribing, nagging and offering rewards…

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